Historically, in Orbetello, the art of preserving fish has always been a necessity.
As early as 1500, in fact, the Orbetellans used to smoke eels and other fish from the lagoon.
These age-old traditions have also come to the present day, thanks to the teachings handed down from father to son over the centuries.
 In fact, it is not uncommon to find scalloped eel and “shaded” (smoked) eel in the menus of local restaurants.

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Even the Bottarga has always been produced, but it was a family production destined for one’s table. A few years ago, however, everything has changed, the fishermen of Orbetello have in fact joined in a cooperative and have started to produce the famous Mullet Bottarga of Orbetello (Bottarga Di Cefalo).
 Bottarga Di Orbetello is produced with Muggini (Cefali) Female eggs because it is the only species with an egg casing resistant enough to allow rubbing with salt.
The oval sacs of the female mullet are gently removed by the hands of the artisans of the cooperative, taking care not to break them, then they are washed with water, treated with sea salt, dried in special rooms and finally packaged.
The production period runs from August to October, but thanks to the vacuum techniques and the creation of a special “Powder” these magnificent typical Maremma products are available all year round.

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