Tuscan Territories - val di cornia

Placed in front of the island of elba, in the peninsula that is lost from piombino to the inland, the Val di cornia is the southernmost part of the Etruscan coast, right on the border with the Maremma.

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Where is it?

Val di Cornia, the flavors and beauty of the heart of Tuscany.

The many faces of Val di Cornia show themselves among hills rich in vegetation and fabulous beaches.

A land rich in flavors, at the forefront for the production of excellent typical Tuscan products.

The Val di Cornia presents itself as a valid alternative to traditional tourist destinations, hosts extraordinary excellences, places not to be missed, which introduce in an intimate dimension and profound.
 Oasis of peaceful isolation, ideal for outdoor walks, biking and for trekking excursions, is characterized by important archaeological parks and museums.
Cradle of the ancient Etruscan civilization, of which the territory has jealously guarded many traces over the centuries, is the ideal place to live a unique experience characterized by an energetic mix of art, culture, nature in the name of well-being, sport and taste.

A land, that of the Val di Cornia, which offers enchanting scenery among hills covered by a thick vegetation and a sea with pristine beaches, many of which have been awarded the Blue Flag.

The coasts alternate wide sandy beaches with rocky and steep stretches, framed by thick pine forests and by the vegetation inside the Mediterranean maquis.

In this stretch of coast between Piombino and San Vincenzo, it will not be difficult for anyone to carve their own
“corner of paradise”: between those who love the crowds on the beach, those who simply want to relax or those who prefer to venture silently into the inlets of the coast, the Maremma of Piombino becomes a favourite destination for both young people and families.

Inland, the beautiful hilly landscapes host the many villages rich in history that attract tourists from all over the world every year.

As far as the stay and the catering are concerned, our choices fall on super established and renowned local realities.

Agriturismo San Ottaviano is in fact immersed in the local bush. The delightful rooms, a magical atmosphere and the possibility to go horse riding or sunbathing by the pool make it one of the best facilities in the area for quality price.

For a dinner or lunch based on typical local products, we recommend the Osteria I’Ciocio, located in the historic center of Suvereto, you will be pampered by chef Fabrizio and by his typical local recipes.

In such a beautiful and genuine land, in fact, could not miss a wide choice of typical Tuscan products, to taste in every season and products with local raw materials.

Jams, cheeses, wine, oil, are some of the excellences present in this territory, labelled by prestigious quality certificates.

Is it possible to buy them sitting comfortably at home? Of course
that yes, Passione Toscana has thought of everything. Here is a list of companies in the area of Val di Cornia from which you can buy products.

Podere Paterno, a selection of cheeses.
The partnership between Passione Toscana and Podere Paterno was born from the passion for the search for quality among the flavours of the Maremma. Podere Paterno is a farm engaged in the production of top quality sheep’s cheese, obtained with milk produced by its own farms. Located within the municipality of Monterotondo Marittimo, among the green Maremma, it carries on its activity respecting, in the
processing techniques, animals and the environment. Among the production of cheese, in the front row we find pecorino. Made with traditional techniques, handed down from generation to generation, it presents itself with very high
quality standard and certificate of excellence. An explosion of authentic Mediterranean flavours that unites the
pleasure of taste and respect for the environment. Podere Paterno in fact has a double system, photovoltaic and
geothermal, for the production of its own products, so as to maintain a complete energy sufficiency and
generate minimal environmental impact. Come and discover all the cheeses available on the Passione website

Tua Rita‘s wine:
It could not miss among the list of typical Tuscan products of Val di Cornia a selection of wines. The company Tua Rita, located among the metalliferous hills, has been producing, for decades, wines of the earth, with a strong taste and saline character. From the original two hectares of vineyards, which were among the first Italian experiences of “vin de garage”, have reached over thirty hectares today. A growth that has seen the passion of the producers Rita and Virgilio cross with the potential of the land, located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Metalliferous Hills.
Passione Toscana has decided to pay homage to the work of this local company by offering a selection of wines to match with the most classic Maremma products. The flavours of enological Tuscany, from
savouring with fish and meat show themselves for their extraordinary quality on the hills of Val di Cornia.

Sweet jams from OLIVODORO:
The Olivodoro farm was founded in 1972 in the province of Livorno. In the small village of Suvereto you can taste the natural Tuscan olive oil or enjoy a cream of black olives on a crouton of bread toasted. As tradition dictates. Not only that, though. Over the years the company has been able to beat the competition also in the production of jams. On Passione Toscana is available a wide choice: from sweet apricots to figs and peaches in syrup. There’s something for everyone.

The territory of the Val di Cornia that hosts the company, lends itself to the most suitable variety of fruit for processing.
homemade. Olivodoro uses “vacuum” technology to preserve the fruit from oxidation, thus maintaining, in every jam, the genuineness, integrity and taste of fresh fruit.

These and many other products of the Val di Cornia can be purchased on Passione Toscana to rediscover the flavors
authentic Tuscan tradition even from home.

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